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Automatic Paper UV Varnishing Machine, SA-1200

1. Description:
This machine is a paper surface UV glazing equipment suitable for various types of paper with range of 250-600g/㎡. While treated by this machine, not only the gloss of the paper, but also the moisture and abrasion-resistance of the printed products is greatly improved.
2.Working process:
Paper automatic feeding,Water base/UV oil varnishing, IR/UV drying, automatic collecting.
3.Standard Equipment:
a) Pre-staking unit
b) Automatic paper feeder
c) Coating system
d) IR drying and UV drying system
e) Cooling fans
f) Automatic paper collector
4. Main technical specification:
Model SA-1200
Length of roller 1250mm
Max. Working speed 80m/min
Suitable paper thickness 250-500g/m2
Max paper size 1150x900mm
Power 380V/3P/50Hz
Motor power 3.5KW
Infrared heating power 28KW
Ultraviolet heating power 3×8Kwor2×8Kw
Overall dimension 10800×1800×1750mm
Machine weight 3500Kg